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The vesa mounting patterns are the distance (in mm)between four screw holes at the back of the tv.
So VESA = horizontal x veritical at the back of your TV.

1. If the attached tv bolts are too long or too short, you can use the spacers provided in the package to install the tv brackets to the tv.
For longer bolts, you can add washers or spacers to fill the excess space between the TV and the TV bracket. We recommend at least 5 turns of thread engagement.
2. You can buy a screw bag that has all kinds of bolts.

You would first plug in the cable, then add the spacers to create extra space between the TV and the TV brackets.

No, the TV wall mount is for use on wood stud,solid concrete brick or block walls.

Full motion TV wall mount cannot work for the metal studs, but the tilting/fixed TV wall mount works.
However, the hardware supplied can only be used for installation on wood studs, concrete/ block walls.
If the tilting/fixed TV mount needs to be mounted on metal studs, please purchase the Snap Toggle bolts for installation.

Please place the hardwoods to create a center between your wood studs,then screw it on your wall.
Finally, install the tv wall mount on your wall as usual.

* Should you require additional information concerning extension brackets, we encourage you to contact our customer service representatives.

Please check the lag screws to see if they are defective, if not, please drill the holes as requested and then use a socket wrench instead of an electric tool to screw the lag screws.

Before installing your TV, please pull down the TV wall mount with your hands to make sure it is fixed securely.

Note: This answer is only for vesa size is smaller than 400mm (16 inches).

1.Take off your TV from the TV wall mount
2. Remove the two vertical bars at the back of your TV (For lifting up the TV, please refer Step 1, otherwise, please refer to Step 2)

Step 1.If you need to lift up your TV a bit, please choose the upper holes of the vertical bars to install the TV VESA holes.
Step 2.If you need to lower your TV a bit, please choose the lower holes of the vertical bars to install the TV VESA holes.

1. If you find that your TV is not level after installation: You could first adjust the level fasteners to make the TV level.
Please use a screwdriver/hexagonal wrench/socket spanner to loosen the fasteners depending on different type of TV installation, and then set the TV level.
Once the TV has been leveled, tighten the fasteners again.

2. Please check that the screw holes you have fitted to both brackets are at the same level. Move the two TV brackets upward to reduce the gap between the holes and the bolts, then tighten the fixing screws to complete the adjustment.
3. Check that the wall plate is level with bubble level.
If it is not level, move the wall plate to adjust it to level.

1. Before moving the arm, please make sure that the monitor is already correctly mounted on the mount.
Afterwards move the tv to adjust the swiveling angle of the arm.
2. If the TV is already installed properly, please use the supplied Allen key to loosen the screws at the arm joints to allow the arm to move more smoothly (note: this method is not suitable for all products)
3. If you have tried both of these methods, but the arm is still very stiff, please add some lubricating oil to the arm joint and make sure it lubricates completely.

1. First check if the tilt screw is too loose to support the tilt angle.
If so, tighten the tilting fasteners before tilting the TV.
2. If the tilt fasteners are too tight, making it hard to adjust the tilt angle, then use tool (hexagonal wrench/socket wrench) to loosen the tilt fasteners depending on the type of mount.
Finally adjust the TV to the desired angle and finish the adjustment by tightening the tilting screws.

To ensure the safety of your TV, we recommend that you take off the mount with two people. One person holds the TV while the other pulls the safety rope underneath to remove the TV from the mount.

1. Please check whether the spacers are flush and well matched, the TV will be inclined if there is a gap in the installation.
2. If there is no problem with screws and spacers, please lower the tv height first.
If the TV is tilted forward, please replace the bootom holes of the VESA pattern with longer screw and spacer, and the top remains unchanged.
If it is tilted backward, please replace the top holes of the VESA pattern with a longer screw and spacer, and the bottom remains unchanged.

1. Please remove the TV first and check whether the two TV brackets are on the same level.
2. If two brackets are on same level, please loosen the four screws/nuts on the front support and the support pillar first, level the front support, and then tighten the four screws.
3. Then mount the TV on the front support, making sure to hang the TV in the center.

1. After the TV is installed pull or push on the edge of the TV to swivel. Best to use both hands, one on each edge of the TV.
2. Please loosen the swivel screw if it is too tight.

Please tighten the screws on the top and bottom of the front support or tighten the nuts on the support pillar.

Cables can be routed through the hollow vertical tube of the TV cart to keep the wires organized.We also offer cable management for some models.

Yes, our TV carts are not only suitable for rolling on thick carpet but also can be locked in place with its locking mechanism.

Yes, you can remove the shelf if you don't need it.

1. Check whether the back of the speaker has the required mounting holes.
2. Check the width of the speaker.
3. Check the load-bearing of the stand for the speaker.

Yes, there are special screws provided in the accessories package.

There is a hole in the tube to hide the wire.

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